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Parsonage Farm Barn Renovation
​An extensive restoration of 2 barns on a farm.

Renovation of 2 barns on the same site. All works were completed using traditional building methods. No cement can be used during the restoration works. Only lime.

The walls in both barns had structural issues. Localised areas were taken down and re-built then all of the walls were raked out between the stones and re-pointed with lime mortar.

On the larger barn new oak purlins were fitted to the existing roof trusses, new spars fitted. New slates supplied and fitted. The underside of the slates were lime parged, new loft floor fitted using oak beams and the internal walls rendered with lime render.

The smaller barn we made and fitted a completely new roof structure consisting of new oak raised tie beam dovetailed trusses, oak purling’s and softwood rafters, supplied and fitted slate, lime parged the underside of the slates, lime rendered the internal walls and supplied and fitted new doors.

All new structural elements were completed after consulting with Bleasdale Wand.

Heritage and Restoration Work

Lowick Mill Renovation

​This project was to convert and renovate an old mill.

The property had been originally converted into 2 flats in the 80’s. The brief was to completely strip out the top floor to give an open plan kitchen, living, dining area, re-arrange the first floor to give a master bedroom and en-suite.

Externally the roof was stripped and re-slated, the gable end which had a lot of water ingress was knocked off and re-rendered, new window openings made, a small area built in to make an office, patios taken up and re-laid, walling to the river edge and lay a patio on top.
Internally all of the top floor and half of the lower floor walls were thermally upgraded to meet modern standards, the existing pitch pine trusses were exposed by taking the ceiling down and cleaned up, the results were so good the clients decided to expose and clean the floor jousts to expose them in the room to be the master bedroom and en-suite.

The property was completely re-wired and re-plumbed. The house was heated using an automated biomass pellet boiler and some of the property was heated with underfloor heating, the remaining with radiators.

Doors we made from re-claimed scaffolding boards, a bespoke corner sink unit made for the en-suite. Floor finished were tiled using slate tiles, carpet and in large open plan room upstairs the existing floorboards were sanded and varnished. Oak window boards were fitted to window bottoms and we built a bespoke book case from re-claimed scaffolding boards to complement the doors and the industrial heritage of the building.

Langdale Leisure Waterside Balconies

The existing structural steelwork that supports the balconies was heavily corroded. We were instructed to work alongside a structural engineer to design a way on anchoring and supporting the overhanging structure.

Once we had a design in place steelwork was manufactured and galvanised. Concrete pads were cast into the wall and the new steelwork erected.
once this was in position we could put the structural flooring timbers down and lay the composite decking.

An oak frame was then built up at the front of the building and cedar partitions fitted between each of the separate apartments. Finally glazing was fitted between the lower sections of oak frames and all the timberwork received 2 coats of oil.

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