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Interior Design

Interior Design

At J C Building Services we want our clients to completely love their new project for the rest of their time there.

Because of this ethos we do our best to work with our clients to give them exactly what they want, sitting down and talking an idea through from conception to completion.

We are enthusiastic about creating something bespoke and unique that our clients can enjoy forever, whether that is a feature in the house, a fitted or free standing item. Some examples are as follows:

Sink unit using a mill wheel in an old mill, huge 10' x 10' book shelves made from re-claimed scaffolding planks, bathroom and kitchen layouts, designs and materials advice and sourcing, fire place arrangements, visual and hidden storage space solutions, feature walls using all manner of materials, combining timber, stone, steel, resin in the same piece.

So whatever you project, please give us a call to turn your dreams or ideas into reality.

Timber Milling

We have always tried to source our materials as locally and sustainably as possible. It was noted how much beautiful species of timber would just be logged up as firewood.

This seemed a real shame and from having the industrial wood working machinery it seemed a natural progression and a small but interesting side of the business to start ‘saving’ some of the trees that have to be cut down from just being burned.

We have a number of arboriculturalists  in the area that we purchase timber from, i then milled into planks and boards that is then stacked and stickered to air dry before being suitable for use.

We have 2 types of timber mills, a narrow band mill for smaller logs and a portable chainsaw mill for larger logs up to 5ft 6 inches wide, primarily for large single slab table tops 

This process takes time, but as you can see from the photos produces some unique, beautiful and rare timber.

We currently have in stock the following species of locally grown and processed timber.

Oak, Burr / Puppy oak, Cherry, Ash, Elm, Rose Yew, Spalted Beach, Silver Birch, and Monkey Puzzle.

Timber Moldings

We have a number of industrial woodworking machines to manufacture and process timbers.

We are able to produce high quality timber moldings for skirting boards, architraves, picture  rails and window boards.
These can me produced from out own specialist timber, or from redwood or hardwoods (oak ash, poplar etc) purchased from our suppliers.

we can also offer a profile matching service where we are able to have cutters made up from an existing profile in a property to replicate an existing molding.

Wide oak window boards are often needed in older properties and we often glue, joint and mold these.

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