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Abbotts Reading Landscaping​

Our brief was to design and build a car park area on a sloped area of land.

We were instructed with the area required for the car park and had to give concept and designs for the retaining method to hold the face of the bank back was to be determined by our ideas and the client’s requests.

It was decided to ‘batter’ the bank back at 45 degrees and around the bottom a row of Gabon baskets fitted, behind this a drainage system was fitted, this stopped the water runoff from the bank flooding the car park and to stop soil slipping onto the car park area. The reason for this is this method is a lot more cost effective than a fill mechanical retaining wall, and with careful planning I believe would be more suitable to the environment it is located in.

In Addition to the car park area we also designed and build small patio areas, paths and steps between car park and dwellings and re-reinstatement of walls, grassed areas and some lime pointing of a stone gable end.

Landscaping and Groundwork

Ellermire Farm Landscaping

Initially  we were asked to finish off and trouble shoot draining and water ingress on a retaining wall.

Once these issues were fixed the client asked us to work with them to design and build more usable outside area on there property.

The initial works consisted of re-digging out behind a retaining wall and fitting suitable drainage materials behind. concrete in levels to get ground water to existing drains, make retaining wall more attractive.

After this we dug back more of the bank and built another retaining wall, but curved and stone faced with a water feature in it, changing existing ground levels , fitting drains and laying slate patio slabs. After this we also built some feature items such as pillars for lighting and a table and bench's.

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